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What Can You Do   What Youngblood Disposal Companies Are Doing

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What can you do?

Take the first step and learn about how to use proper
recycling techniques.Second, choose your earth-friendly
sanitation provider, Youngblood, as your recycling service.

We hear all of the time that we should recycle to help
protect the environment but how much do we really know
about recycling?

For instance did you know that approximately 40% of the
waste in the United States comes from paper but Americans
only recycle about 25%-30% of paper products? This adds
up to destroying close to 30 million trees a year just on

And those Styrofoam cups that you use to drink your coffee
out of every morning? You could circle the Earth more than
400 times with the amount of those cups that are used every year!

Those glass bottles that you throw away? They'll still be there a 1000 years from now!

Did you know that if you recycled just one aluminum can a day that you could save enough to run your
television for 3 hours?

In the United States, one in every six trucks is a garbage truck! With the amount of waste that
is thrown away, is it any wonder that landfills are closing up at the rate of approximately 2 per day
in the United States alone?

Did you ever stop to think what is going to happen to us at that rate?
Where will we be living 100 years from now when all of
the Earths surface is just one big landfill?

Do you want to see your future generations
with no place to go except on a big pile of
trash? True, we probably won't be here by
that time, but they will be our future families
none the less and if you don't want your
family to live on a landfill now, then why
would you want your family of the future
living on a big landfill?

If everyone would recycle just a little bit then we can begin to protect our
Earth for the generations to come. It's better for the environment and helps
to prevent global warming also.

By starting to recycle now, you can teach the children
good habits that they can pass on to their children and
their children's children so that your family and our
Mother Earth can indeed have a future!

What Youngblood Disposal Companies are doing?

Youngblood Disposal supports the mission of New York State, Monroe County and the National Recycling
Coalition to eliminate waste and promote sustainable economies through advancing sound management
practices for raw materials.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recycling Laws and
Regulations. Recycling has been mandatory in Monroe
County for residents and businesses/institutions since
1992. Copies of the law and regulations are provided
here for reference.

The law states, in general, that residents must
recycle the following food, drink and household
product containers: steel, aluminum, glass bottles
and jars (clear, green, and brown only),
plastic bottles, jugs and jars (numbers 1 thru 7)
and paper (gable-top cartons/drink boxes).
Empty steel aerosol cans (no pesticides or
spray paint) may also be recycled. All appropriate
containers must be rinsed and caps/lids discarded
prior to recycling (labels OK). Residents must also
recycle newspapers, magazines and corrugated and
cardboard boxes.

Only the containers listed above are currently accepted for recycling. For updated rules and regulations
regarding recycling, download the links listed below.

Businesses, Institutions (Schools/Colleges) and Industries must recycle corrugated cardboard and high-grade (office) paper--all clean paper, however, may voluntarily be recycled. Businesses, institutions and industries that have cafeteria-type services and all restaurants must recycle the above listed containers used in food preparation activities. Containers used by students/staff (milk cartons, soda bottles, soup cans, etc.) are not required to be separated for recycling. All appropriate containers that are separated for recycling must be rinsed and caps/lids discarded prior to recycling (labels left on).

Lawn Care Hints
Monroe County Recycling Regulations    

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