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Residential Services
in Irondequoit, Webster, Penfield

Residential Services
in Newark, Ontario, Williamson, Sodus, Sodus Point, Walworth, Gananda, Marion

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Residential Services

Take the first step. Choice One/Town and Country Disposal Service is your earth friendly trash disposal service, servicing the Towns of Newark, Ontario, Williamson, Sodus, Sodus Point, Walworth, Gananda and Marion. Choice One/ Town and Country provides superior residential collection service for thousands of customers on a weekly basis. We offer a full range of residential services including:

  • Semi-automated curb side collection using roll-out toters or garage access.
  • Curb side recycling collection
  • Bulk item collection
  • White goods collection
  • Delivery of roll-out toters and recycling containers included.
  • Emergencies and special requests are easily accommodated.

Our goal is to provide professional, prompt, courteous, residential service to meet the needs of your community. Whether you're throwing out your old furniture or cleaning out your garage, we are your full-service trash disposal company. We even offer prompt trash removal for clients with unwanted
and hard-to-discard belongings or garbage. If you have something that needs to be discarded,
we are the company to call to do it. Call today 315-589-5490 for a free price quote. For larger
projects/clean-outs, we offer 10-40 yard Roll-off container service.

Residential Collection Standards

Please have your refuse and recycling containers ready for
pickup by 5:00 AM on your collection day.

Types of Service. We offer our customers a variety of services based on their individual wants and
needs. The list below briefly describes the various types of collection services we provide. All the options
below include recycling service, for which we provide a bin.
All recycling collection is at the curb.

Curb / Toter Service. We provide weekly curb-side collection of your refuse using a company owned toter which we provide for you.

Garage / Walk Up Service. Weekly collection of your household refuse in your cans or bags placed in front of your garage or at the side of your house.Use of a toter is available for an extra fee. Large items still need to be placed at the curb. If you are receiving this type of service, please remember that we are not responsible for anything left near your trash or refuse containers that may be mistaken for garbage. 

Holidays. We do not collect refuse on New Year's Day, Memorial Day,
4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
. Your collection day will be one day late following each of these holidays, ONLY if the holiday is on Monday - Friday. Any changes to your pick-up schedule will be noted on your invoice.

Vacation Credits. We will credit your account while you are away and
temporarily stop your service. You must contact us prior to going away.
We will only credit your account if you are gone for a minimum of 2
weeks or more. This credit can be used a maximum of 4 times per year.

Appliance Collection. Please call our office, 315-589-5490, if you are discarding an appliance.

Appliances Containing Freon. There is a charge for us to pick up
appliances containing Freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and
dehumidifiers). Please call our office in advance to schedule a special pickup of Freon appliances.

Hazardous Waste/Electronics. Hazardous waste and electronic items will not be collected.
Please call Alpco Recycling at 315-986-8900 or

Oversize Material. Please do not expect us to pickup stockade fences, old railroad ties/landscape
timbers, fence posts with concrete, patio blocks, gravel/stone/dirt, garden sheds or large planters. Most
of these items will damage our equipment or, more importantly, injure one of our employees.
If you are discarding any of these items, please call us, 315-589-5490, for roll-off container service.

Large Volume / Clean outs. From time to time our customers call and ask us: "Why can't you
just pick up the large pile at my curb?" or maybe, "Why do you have to charge me extra for picking
up this big pile?".

If you have a large quantity or bulk items, you must notify the office in advance. 315-589-5490

Our routes are set up in such a way so that we can service a certain number of our customers per day
in a timely and efficient manner. When a truck fills up, it must leave the route and go to the landfill or
transfer station to dispose of the load and then go back to finish the route. That is why from week to
week your pickup time can vary by a few hours. It depends on the volume we collect. We have roll-off
containers available for large clean outs or construction projects. If you have to discard a large
quantity of material all at once, this may be the solution. Call our office for details. 315-589-5490

We are more than happy to accommodate any reasonable customer request. In most instances, we will
pick up your bulk items/large volumes on your regular pickup day. If you are unsure of the volume you
can put out, or want to dispose of a large volume and want to know what the charges will be, please
call us in advance. Charge for large volumes or clean ups increase in relation to the volume you are

We will have our personnel come to your home, look over your items and price it for you. We normally
respond to these requests within 1 or 2 business days, so please plan accordingly.

There is a charge for us to pick-up car tires off the rim. Please call our office to arrange for pick-up. 315-589-5490

Recycle Bins / Toters. All new customers receive a recycle bin marked "ChoiceOne Disposal". If you cancel service with us, we expect to pick up the bin within a few days of your last collection day. If you do not return the bin, your account will be charged $15.00*. The same goes for a Toter/Cart that we may have provided you. If you do not return this to us, your account will be charged $100.00*. (*plus tax)

Recycle Service. Every one of our service types includes bi-weekly collection of recyclables at the curb.

Billing Cycles. Our standard billing is every 3 months in advance. This means we bill you for a three-month period of time at the beginning of the billing cycle. The invoice amount is due on the 30th/31st of the first month of the billing cycle. We offer annual billing, which means we will bill you on January 1 for the calendar year. We also offer semi-annual billing which means we bill you on January 1 for a six month period ending June 30th and July 1 for the six month period ending December 31st.

Payments. For your convenience, we enclose a courtesy reply envelope for remittance of your
payment with all invoices mailed to you. We accept credit/debit card payments over the phone or
online, at no extra cost to you. Please remember that a late fee of $2.00 will be charged to your
account for payments that do not reach our office by the final due date.

Returned Checks.
There is a $25 charge for any returned checks. In addition we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. NYS Bad Check Legislation states that for any check returned for insufficient funds and not cleared within 45 days, the issuer may be liable not only for the face amount, but for additional damages as well. For insufficient funds, the face amount of the check can be doubled up to $400. For a check drawn on a closed account, the face amount of the check can be doubled up to $700. If your account is delinquent and paid on pick up day AFTER the truck serviced the street, there is a fee for us to return. 

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