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Residential Services
in Irondequoit, Webster, Penfield

Residential Services
in Newark, Ontario, Williamson, Sodus, Sodus Point, Walworth, Gananda, Marion

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Throughout our history our goal at ChoiceOne and all the Youngblood Companies has always been to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and work, to enrich the lives of our employees, and to forge meaningful relationships with our vendors and suppliers. By living up to these ideals we believe we will continue to acquire more customers to serve and to continue the successful story that grew from humble beginnings nearly two decades ago.

Whether you are a new customer, a fellow employee, a supplier or a friend, you are part of our story
and we are grateful for your support.


ChoiceOne pledges to promote value in a one stop shopping experience for all of your proper waste related needs. Be it construction, industrial, commercial or residential, we will meet or exceed all of your professional expectations, one giant step at a time.


At ChoiceOne, our commitment to service has been renewed by recent research into proper techniques and planet saving practices for proper waste disposal. With hundreds of vehicles, containers and sanitation products, ChoiceOne Disposal services will meet all of your disposal needs while exceeding your expectations for professional, expedient and economical services.


Youngblood Disposal Companies maintain industry memberships and is duly licensed and insured for commercial and residential refuse services. That's why you can rest assured that our standards meet and exceed mandatory requirements and that our procedures have been updated to comply with the most demanding standards.


"Youngblood's 60-year track record shows: they always get to
the construction site on time and provide high quality services."

"Your employees are courteous and friendly. They perform their duties in a very professional
manner - It's nice to see that Youngblood takes pride in a job well done."

"We've been loyal to Youngblood for years because we know they'll be there whenever we need them
with whatever we need."

"Commercial buildings and construction sites are not that easy to service. That's why we chose Youngblood -
they simply never miss a beat."

"Thanks Youngblood - for coming every week and making our
trash collection easy."


Youngblood Disposal Companies are locally owned
and will continue to be a consistent contributor to
nonprofit organizations, youth sports and educational
institutions in this area. We help people improve the
quality of life for themselves and others. Our
commitment requires that we go beyond simple
checkbook philanthropy. We are working hand-in-
hand with public and nonprofit organizations to
address specific problems.

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